Issue Nº 9 : Good Things - DAMAGED

Issue Nº 9 : Good Things - DAMAGED

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Please note: Damaged copies of Issue 9 have cosmetic damages; all content is still legible.

This issue celebrates good things, and great people, starting with cover girl Martha Stewart. She shares her life advice and encourages everyone to "Find the void!"  We also check in with Salt Fat Acid Heat author Samin Nosrat, Indy restaurateur Martha Hoover, super chef Barbara Lynch, writer Julia Turshen, nice guy Curtis Stone and his mom, Chinese food legend  Florence Lin, and Baltimore sweet stuff sensation Krystal Mack. Curious about Christina Tosi's wedding? We have an exclusive chat with the Milk Bar founder about her unconventional day. (And, of course, what cake she served.)

Plus, recipes from the hottest chefs, bakers, and makers around. 

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