Toasted Marshmallow: The Topping of the Season

Toast of the town: Charm School in Richmond, Virginia

Toast of the town: Charm School in Richmond, Virginia

Whatever you call it—browned meringue, s’mores marshmallow, torched fluff—the caramelized sugar cloud has been building in popularity as an ice cream topping for the past few years. Granted, it’s been around for ages as the final flourish of a baked Alaska, the frozen treat that many believe originated in 1867 at Antoine’s in New Orleans to celebrate America’s acquisition of the far-flung state. Maybe the trend stems from the popularity of s'mores. Over the past decade, we've seen the s’more-ification of everything—s’more lattes, s’more lipgloss, s'more power bars, you name it. (S’mores comes from the name Some Mores. One of the earliest recipes is found in a 1927 Girl Scout cookbook.) So it’s no surprise the campfire-roasted marshmallow flavor has expanded beyond the beloved graham cracker-chocolate sandwich.

And now there’s even a shop in New York City’s East Village, Squish Marshmallows, selling toasted, scoop-shaped marshmallows in a cone. When you look on Instagram, it’s hard to believe it’s not really ice cream. But it's not. 

We’ve rounded up a few scoop shops offering the toasted topping on actual ice cream so you can indulge. If these places are geographically undesirable, you can DIY it at home. All you need is some store-bought marshmallow creme or homemade meringue and a small blowtorch. Julia Child knew this trend was coming. She thought everyone should have a blowtorch in the kitchen.



Charm School

Richmond, Virginia

The Penny Ice Creamery

Santa Cruz, California



Bona Bona Ice Cream Truck

Brooklyn and other locations in the NYC region


Wild Scoops

Anchorage, Alaska


Know of other scoop shops with toasted toppings? Tag #CBscoop so we can check them out!



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