Recipe: Jerelle Guy's Unicorn Ice Cream Sandwiches

By Jerelle Guy

Photos by Jerelle Guy

Photos by Jerelle Guy


Makes 12 ice cream sandwiches


I’ve never let go of my obsession with ice cream sandwiches, the kind made of thin sheets of chocolate cake. The evolution of the way I took my ice cream between those two soft slabs of cake changed with phases. My basic vanilla stage lasted throughout my childhood. A few years after that I stepped up my game to Neapolitan. As a high school vegan, I could pound back two or three of the dairy-free kind I bought from the grocery store while I waited for a ride home. And now, I’m curious about the pastel pinks and blues littering my social feeds that seem to be so trendy. I agree, these creamy colors feel fantastical and airy, and give me a momentary escape from my everyday realities.

Cake Layer

1 cup (120 g) white whole wheat flour
¾ cup (90 g) cocoa powder
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ cup (112 g) unsalted dairy-free butter, softened
1 cup (225 g) packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
½ cup (120 ml) flax egg, at room temperature
½ cup (120 ml) nut or grain milk

Unicorn Semifreddo Filling

1 cup (235 ml) oat or nut milk
1 cup (200 g) granulated sugar, divided
2 tablespoon (12 g) tapioca flour
2 teaspoon (10 ml) vanilla extract
¼ teaspoon salt
Natural red food powder
Natural purple food powder
Natural deep blue food powder
½ cup (120 ml) aquafaba, at room temperature
½ teaspoon cream of tartar
2¼ cups (530 ml) heavy cream or 3 (15-oz or 420-g) cans chilled coconut cream with coconut water discarded, divided

Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C), and have two 9 x 13-inch (23 x 33-cm) rimmed sheet pans lined with pieces of parchment that are oiled and cut the same size as the bases of the pans.

To make the cake, in a medium bowl, sift together the flour, cocoa powder, salt, and baking soda. Set aside.

In a bowl with an electric beater, cream together the butter, brown sugar, and vanilla until fluffy, scraping down the sides of the bowl and beater as you go, about 3 minutes. Slowly drizzle in the flax egg, mixing until incorporated. On low speed, add the flour in three batches, alternating with the milk, just until incorporated. The batter will be thick and sticky. Divide the batter in half and drop dollops of it onto the oiled sheet pans. Spread it out to the edges of each pan. You can spray a sheet of parchment paper with cooking spray and place it sprayed-side down over the batter to help press it into the shape of the pan—it makes for an easy, even layer.

Bake the sheet cakes for 12 to 15 minutes, or until browned and cooked through. Remove from the oven, allow to cool for 5 minutes and then turn the cakes out onto a wire rack to cool completely. Transfer to the freezer to harden slightly while you make the semifreddo.

To make the filling, in a saucepan over medium heat, combine the milk, half the granulated sugar, tapioca flour, vanilla, and salt and stir occasionally until the mixture thickens, 5 to 7 minutes, never letting the liquid come to a full boil. Remove the mixture from the heat and divide it among 3 small bowls. To each bowl add a pinch of one of the powdered food colors, stirring and adding more until they’re all vibrant colors. Cover the bowls with plastic wrap, and set them aside to cool completely.

Reprinted with permission from Black Girl Baking by Jerrelle Guy, Page Street Publishing Co. 2018. Photo credit: Jerrelle Guy


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