Amanda Saab

Change Agents

Amanda Saab came to America’s attention as the first woman to wear a hijab on a national food program when she was a contestant on MasterChef. Passionate about spreading understanding through food, she is also the co-creator, along with her husband Hussein, of Dinner With Your Muslim Neighbor. “The idea came to me as I sat on the couch watching the news after work one evening,” she wrote on her blog, Amanda’s Plate. “I was frustrated by the misrepresentation and flat out lies that were being broadcasted to millions about my faith! I decided that I needed to do more, to be more available, open, and welcoming of any and all questions from the people in my life.” Amanda recently opened the Butter Bear Shop in Livonia, Michigan. The bakery specializes in gourmet cookies, cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls, and a variety of Lithuanian breads, including Lithuanian rye sourdough.


Cherry Bombe University
OCt. 26th to oct. 28th

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