Jerrelle Guy


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Jerrelle Guy is the creator of the blog Chocolate for Basil and author of the cookbook Black Girl Baking. Jerrelle describes her book as being “about soul food because it’s about soul-searching using food. It’s about finding roots in food memories and building on those moments to move forward confidently with an unshakable self-awareness. My blackness is my origin point, my senses are the vehicle, food is my lens, and baking is my language. I bake here because baking is universal—desserts across all cultures and borders share the same basic ingredients—flour, sugar, butter, maybe eggs, maybe yeast—and it’s how we expand on or alter those basic ingredients that express or reveal who we are, where we come from, how we think about our food, and how complicated some of the answers to these questions might be.” Her goal with Black Girl Baking? “To speak on the process (not just the end result) of creating in the kitchen and also speak on the journey toward finding personal power and agency within that space as a woman of color.”


Cherry Bombe University
OCt. 26th to oct. 28th

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