Jessamyn Rodriguez


Change Agents

Ten years ago, Jessamyn Rodriguez launched an organization called Hot Bread Kitchen with the goal of helping immigrant women through baking. They would make bread from their native lands and learn the skills necessary to secure employment in restaurants and bakeries around New York City. In her decade of leading Hot Bread Kitchen, she created a thriving commercial bakery program that has trained more than 300 women and a successful incubator that has nurtured 225 small food businesses. Years before the political climate exposed the realities faced by immigrants and women in America, Jessamyn identified the need to help those without the resources or connections through something as humble and universal as baking. Recently, she announced her intention to step down as Hot Bread Kitchen CEO and pass the reins to new leadership. She does so having changed the food world with her visionary leadership


Cherry Bombe University
OCt. 26th to oct. 28th

Lauren Goldstein