Krystal Mack


Change Agents

Krystal Mack is a culinary artist, creative consultant, entrepreneur, writer, self-taught baker, and activist who uses food as a vehicle for storytelling, cultural exchange, and community building. Based in Baltimore, she’s launched multiple brands and concepts over the years, including KarmaPop, an experimental frozen dessert concept; PieCycle, Baltimore’s first-ever food-vending tricycle; BLK//MARKET, an artisan collective for creatives of color; and BLK//SUGAR, a food and lifestyle concept known for sweet treats such as Toasted Coconut & Ube Croissants and Purple Sweet Potato Pie. “I love how food can be a vessel for so many things,” Krystal told the Pineapple Collaborative. “Culture, memories, emotions, stories. We all need to eat to survive but personally I like to think of each meal as a celebration.”


Cherry Bombe University
OCt. 26th to oct. 28th

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