Naomi Pomeroy


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Naomi Pomeroy of Portland, Oregon, is a chef, restaurateur, and fierce defender of women in the industry. Her restaurants Beast and Expatriate and her floral studio and event space Colibri showcase the range of her talents and passions. She began cooking as a young girl, went on to study in Northern India, Kenya, and the Far East, and began cooking professionally in Portland in the late 1990s. Naomi won the James Beard Award for Best Chef Northwest in 2014, and has received numerous other accolades. She penned a much-discussed essay for Eater earlier this year entitled “As A Chef and Woman, I Regret Joining The Boys’ Club.” “This disappointing continuation of an old behavior (and value) system is completely avoidable. Burn that shit to the ground and start again,” she wrote. “As women leaders in our industry, it is our duty to put into place a new set of rules.”


Cherry Bombe University
OCt. 26th to oct. 28th

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