Natasha Pickowicz


Bakers & Makers

Natasha Pickowicz represents the new breed of pastry chef—they’re busy, curious, creative, and political. Natasha oversees the teams at not one, but two acclaimed restaurants in Manhattan: Flora Bar at the Met Breuer museum and Café Altro Paradiso, where she turns out beautiful desserts and baked goods, from her grey salt sticky buns to her bombolini alla crema. She contributes her work to cool happenings around town, like the Wifey cafe-gallery pop-up in Brooklyn last fall, and she helps organize important food moments, like the all-star annual bake sale in Manhattan that benefits Planned Parenthood. A San Diego native, Natasha was a former academic and music journalist before moving to Montreal and getting a job at a local bakery.


Cherry Bombe University
OCt. 26th to oct. 28th

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