Preeti Mistry

Photo by Alanna Hale

Photo by Alanna Hale

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Preeti Mistry is a celebrated chef and a passionate advocate for modern Indian cuisine. A two-time James Beard Foundation nominee for Best Chef West, she was co-founder and executive chef of Navi Kitchen and Juhu Beach Club in Oakland, where she earned raves and attention for her personal take on Indian street food. She also authored, along with Sarah Henry, The Juhu Beach Club Cookbook. Born in London and raised in the U.S., Preeti has held executive chef roles at the deYoung Museum, the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, and Google HQ in Mountain View, California. She was a contestant on Top Chef Season Six and was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown on CNN. Preeti is well known among the Cherry Bombe audience for her honesty about the industry and her willingness to speak out on behalf of women, persons of color, and members of the queer community.


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