Sophia Roe

Ones to Watch

What is Sophia Roe all about? “Food and feelings,” says the wellness authority and social media personality. Sophia has gained a following for her no-nonsense, affordable approach to health, beauty, and nutrition, not to mention her candid videos and posts on Instagram. She constantly encourages her audience to be aware of and kind to themselves, and the world around them. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Elle Magazine, Atelier Doré, Healthyish, and Well + Good, among other publications, and she has partnered with brands including Nike, Club Monaco, and Milk Makeup. While Sophia’s digital community continues to grow, she values her time connecting with people in real life: speaking on panels, leading workshops, and hosting events. She finds ultimate joy being a resource to those who wish to connect in a more meaningful way.


Cherry Bombe University
OCt. 26th to oct. 28th

Lauren Goldstein