Radio Cherry Bombe: Food For Thought

Houston, Texas

Nancy’s Hustle
Monday, October 7th
6 to 8 p.m.

On Monday, October 7th, join the Bombesquad at Nancy’s Hustle for the Houston stop on our "Food for Thought" Radio Cherry Bombe Tour. We'll be talking to Rebecca Masson of Fluff Bake Bar, Julia Doran of Nancy’s Hustle, and more local rockstars about their journeys through food. This panel will be recorded for a future episode of Radio Cherry Bombe.





Rebecca Masson

Rebecca Masson has found sweet success in her adopted hometown of Houston by following a childhood love of baking that has taken her from Paris to television.  Affectionately known locally as the Sugar Fairy, and in culinary circles the Sugar Hooker, the cool, colorful, outspoken–and by all accounts–outstanding pastry chef debuted her first brick and mortar location in Midtown in 2015.  

Fluff Bake Bar, which originally launched in 2011 as a consultancy, online business, supplier of decadent things to many of Houston’s top restaurant tables and a tireless support mechanism to countless non-profits, defines Masson’s deliciously quirky style.  In her hands, centuries-old European culinary traditions take on an entirely new dimension when juxtaposed with a decidedly clever rethinking of beloved, homemade favorites from childhood. But while unexpected things might happen under Masson’s pin, there are few people in the city who can claim her devotion to and understanding of often long lost traditions or her experience with the craft.

Julia Doran

Thank you to Kerrygold for supporting our tour!