We have worked to make the Sixth Annual Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference the most sustainable one yet. A few actions we have taken:

—Cutting down on food waste. We worked closely with all food providers to make sure they don’t bring too much food. It’s a hard thing to do at a food conference, but we’re committing to not having food waste. Leftover food is brought to our volunteer work room throughout the day, and we have take-away containers they can use to bring any leftover food home.

—Cutting down on single use plastic. We asked all of our partners to limit how much single-use plastic they bring on site and we banned balloons. Lunch was planned with Dig Inn to have as little packaging waste as possible. We also have rented glassware and other items to replace as many disposables as possible.

—Recycling. We worked with our venue to make sure their carting company would be recycling. Garbage is separated off-site and recyclables separated from non-recyclables.

If you have thoughts on how to make our next conference even greener, please reach out at info@cherrybombe.com.