Makini Howell


Makini Howell is a lifelong vegan, chef, restaurateur, community leader, and plant-based food advocate. She is the owner of Makini Howell Plum Vegan Restaurants.

Since 2009, Makini’s flagship restaurant, Plum Bistro, has grown from its tiny footprint in Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill Neighborhood into an international plant-loving food movement. Makini has had the unique opportunity to serve as Chef to the stars, cooking for celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, Serena Williams, and Queen Latifah. She is also a culinary advisor for companies like Google where she helps chefs develop new, plant-forward food programs. 

Makini’s passion for building community through a shared love of food has led her to create recipes beyond the commercial kitchen. Her cookbook makes it easy for anyone to create delicious and satisfying plant-based food at home. Makini has made veganism an inclusive, elevated, and personal experience.