Morgan Jarrett

Chef Morgan Jarrett of The Yellow Magnolia Café at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has refined her mastery of plant-based cuisine through years of studying health and the impact of industrial agriculture on the environment. By revolving her cuisine around seasonality, Morgan has proven that the use of vegetables creates a more diverse experience when cooking and eating.  

During her adolescence, Morgan was a vegetarian, which allowed her to explore a new palate of possibilities. After graduating from the University of North Texas in 2006,  she moved to New York City and began her culinary career at the French Culinary Institute of Manhattan. After graduating in 2009, Morgan began to explore farmers’ markets and sustainable eating within the city, and began working with Chef Robert Newton at his first restaurant—Seersucker. Their common passion for sustainable and local ingredients combined with an interest in the American South made them great culinary partners.

Together, they went on to open a new restaurant—Nightingale 9. The Vietnamese flavors and spices in combination with vegetables and fish helped Morgan define her own style and taste. With her growing expertise, Morgan confidently opened The Yellow Magnolia Café with Chef Newton at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in April 2017. Her current style of cooking is highly influenced by her roots in the American South/Southwest, her passion for South East Asian cuisine and love for healthy, sustainable sustenance.