Radio Cherry Bombe: Food For Thought

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019
5 to 7 p.m.

On Tuesday, May 14th, join the Bombesquad at the LoveFarm for the Nantucket stop on our "Food for Thought" Radio Cherry Bombe Tour. We'll be talking to Angela Raynor of The Pearl and Boarding House, Ashley Stanley of Lovin’ Spoonfuls, Lynne Begier of Roastd General Store, Mayumi Hattori of Club Car, and Amy Zielinski of Sustainable Nantucket about their journey through food. This panel will be recorded for a future episode of Radio Cherry Bombe.






Angela Raynor

Angela Raynor is the Proprietor & Creative Director at The Pearl & Boarding House Nantucket Island and The Nantucket LoveFarm. With over 28 years of hospitality experience, Angela specializes in independent restaurant operations, empathetic hospitality, and mentorship. She believes in being the person she needed when coming up through the culinary ranks.

Angela is an active participant in Nantucket Project; and she is honored to be in the cast of the award-winning independent documentary A Fine Line. She supports children’s charities on Nantucket and beyond through her work with NGC Nantucket Children’s Charities, Big Night for BBBS of Mass Bay, Children’s Hospital, and Heroes on Horseback for Lovelane; and she has served on the boards of Nantucket AIDS Network, Children’s House of Nantucket, Nantucket New School, and Nantucket Dreamland Foundation.

Angela is currently working on her first book, a collection of essays and original art, as part of the LoveFarm Creative Collaborative.


Ashley Stanley

Ashley Stanley is a born and bred Bostonian. Since founding Lovin’ Spoonfuls in 2010, more than 12 million pounds of fresh, healthy food has been rescued and brought into the social service stream. She has created unparalleled awareness for food rescue, with dedication to addressing hunger relief, climate change and health equity. Ashley’s work has been recognized by publications like the Boston Business Journal, The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, and she has served as a fellow at The Nantucket Project. She is an Oxfam International’s Sisters of the Planet Ambassador, a member of TEDWomen, and a TEDx community speaker. She’s been featured on NPR and written for The Huffington Post. Learn more about Ashley at


Lynne Begier

Since moving to Nantucket from Boston in 2016, Lynne Begier’s early desires to integrate the specialty coffee industry with wellness world bubbled back up. Nantucket’s knack for serendipity led Lynne to her current creation, Roastd General store. At the helm of Roastd, Lynne’s mission is to provide accessible, fun, and delicious forms of healing and nourishment through specialty coffee, tea, and CBD products, as well as a market place of curated wellness products. Roastd is a culmination of Lynne’s passions and wisdom around yoga, Ayurveda, healing, and a life well lived (prior to owning Roastd General store, Lynne owned a yoga studio in Boston for over a decade). Beyond well-crafted Stumptown coffee and Rishi tea creations, Roastd is also a place of learning, wellness, and gathering that meets its customers where they’re at.


Mayumi Hattori

Mayumi Hattori, Executive Chef and partner at The Nantucket Club Car, has 21 years of cooking experience in award- winning kitchens ranging from Craigie Street Bistro to Toro to Straight Wharf Restaurant. In 2014, Mayumi was awarded the Rising Star Chef designation from StarChefs.

Mayumi’s cooking draws on a diverse range of culinary influences, from her Spanish and Japanese cultural heritage to her travels. She fosters a kitchen culture that exudes great warmth and hospitality, balanced with precision. The result is a Zen-like sensibility with refined cuisine that at its best is pure and un-manipulated.


Amy Zielinski

Amy Zielinski is the Executive Director of Sustainable Nantucket, a small, grassroots non-profit with the mission of improving the local food system on Nantucket Island. Amy’s love of local food begin about 15 years ago when she took a month’s sabbatical from her job to to work on an organic farm in Costa Rica. When she returned home to Connecticut, she started a farmer’s market and community garden, and moved to Nantucket in 2010 because she wanted to be a farmer. On Nantucket, she spent a summer working the fields at Moors End Farm, then took on the role of Events Manager and Restaurant Liaison for Bartlett's Farm. In 2018, Amy took over the leadership of Sustainable Nantucket, where she leads the non-profit’s four programs: Farm to School, the Farmers & Artisans Market, the Community Farm Institute (a training farm), and their Nantucket Grown brand (which is awarded to local chefs and restaurateurs that make a commitment to sourcing local.)


Thank you to Kerrygold and Sequoia Grove for supporting our tour!