It Ain’t Easy Being A Small Business Owner

Entrepreneur is a glamorous occupation these days, so it’s easy to forget the blood, sweat, and tears that go into running a small business. Michelle Mannix is on her third round of entrepreneurship and she joins us to shed some light on the process. Today, Michelle is the creative force behind a unique culinary studio in Brooklyn called Cook Space that features classes, events, and more. She is also the author of a workbook called Seize Your Days that is designed to help people become the fullest expression of themselves. In the second half of the show, she takes host Kerry Diamond through some of the workbook exercises. Follow along and see how you would answer.

This episode’s “Who’s the Bombe?” features illustrator Nancy Pappas and a special shoutout to Watt Sriboonruang

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Seize Your Days & Save the Planet

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Artwork by Nancy Pappas

Artwork by Nancy Pappas

What does the Future of Food mean to you?

The Cherry Bombe team toured America last year to ask women in the food space this very question.

Check out this new Radio Cherry Bombe Miniseries to hear from members of the Bombesquad across the country about what they think the future has in store for them, the food world, and the planet.

We hope the Future of Food inspires you to think about your future.

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