Elle Macpherson Makes Her Own Nut Milk

Yes, she does! Elle Macpherson woke up a few years ago and realized she needed to update her wellness routine. “I said, ‘I’m doing what I’ve always done and its not working anymore,'” she recalled. “When I think about that, I’m like ‘Duh!'” The revelation led to the founding of WelleCo, a wellness brand specializing in plant-based elixirs packed with vitamins and nutrients. The supermodel partnered with super entrepreneur (and friend and fellow Australian) Andrea Horwood to launch the brand, and they haven’t looked back.

The first WelleCo store just opened in New York City and the brand has found a loyal audience for its powders and relaxing tea. Elle and Andrea join us to talk about their personal and professional partnership, their mentors, and the wellness revolution. And that nut milk? Toward the end of the show, Elle shares her secrets on making almond milk and hemp milk at home.

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