The Lost Episode

Portrait by Harrison Boyce

Portrait by Harrison Boyce

Credit: Jenna Marie Wakani

Credit: Jenna Marie Wakani

It’s our final episode of 2018! We won’t go into the long story of how we lost—and found—these interviews, but we’re happy to share them with you because they represent two very different facets of the food world. First up, Jen Agg, the Toronto restaurateur who penned the autobiography titled I Hear She’s a Real Bitch. Jen’s a fantastic writer and she’s always fighting for the industry to be a better place for women—and for everyone. Jen joined us in April and discusses the #MeToo movement, her book, her businesses, and more.

In the second half of the show, Christene Barberich joins us. Co-founder and global editor in chief of Refinery29, Christene worked at the legendary Gourmet magazine and shares how she learned to be an editor and what it takes to make a bulletproof recipe.  

Thank you for tuning in and for listening all year long! You’re all the Bombe!

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