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  • INTERNATIONAL WHOLESALE—Issue No. 23: The Future Of Food

INTERNATIONAL WHOLESALE—Issue No. 23: The Future Of Food


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Meet our Issue 23 cover star, Sohla El-Waylly! Sohla is a video star, recipe developer, and author of one of the most anticipated cookbooks of the fall, Start Here: Instructions for Becoming a Better Cook. Throughout her career and especially with her debut book, the culinary instructor wants to help her audience gain confidence in the kitchen and be equipped to tackle any recipe. 

In our exclusive Sohla portfolio, you’ll find new photos by Jennifer Livingston, an interview by Cherry Bombe founder Kerry Diamond, and two recipes from Start Here

This issue also includes our Future Of Food 50 List, which celebrates 50 forward-thinking folks who are making the food world a more interesting space and shaping what’s to come. Plus, there are great recipes and stories on the growing mocktail movement, restaurant robots, and more.

Cherry Bombe Magazine is printed on beautiful paper by Meridian Printing in Rhode Island and features gorgeous full-page color photos. 

Cover photo by Jennifer Livingston


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