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Chef Kausar Ahmed Wants to Teach You About Pakistani Home Cooking

my name

Kausar Ahmed

MY Home Base

Seattle, WA

MY biz

My business is Karachi Kitchen, which I run with my daughter. It’s focused on Pakistani food. We produce fresh, high quality, traditional Pakistani chutneys and seasonings.

The Karachi Kitchen, handcrafted small-batch Pakistani chutneys & seasonings

The Karachi Kitchen, handcrafted small-batch Pakistani chutneys & seasonings

what I’M known for

I am probably best known for my cookbook The Karachi Kitchen and cooking classes at Project Feast, where we empower immigrant and refugee cooks.

The Karachi Kitchen cookbook

The Karachi Kitchen cookbook

What makes your Food Line stand out?

Fresh, high quality Pakistani food products are not easily found in the U.S. Our preservative-free chutneys and spice blends are made entirely from scratch and inspired by family recipes. I make them myself, by hand, in small batches. We also take pride in our customer service. I personally interact with our customers online and at retail locations. 

tell us about the work you do at Project Feast

I work with training apprentices in culinary skills, and, of course, work a lot with them on their emotional and mental well-being (where needed), which enables them to gain confidence, trust, and feel empowered.

How are you doing these days?

Excited, exhausted, anxious, and optimistic. We have had great success since we launched and have a busy holiday season ahead.

How the Bombesquad can help

Our products are available online at with free shipping nationwide. Try them and let us know what you think! Follow us on Instagram at @thekarachikitchen.

Chutneys and dips from Karachi Kitchen

Chutneys and dips from Karachi Kitchen

Secret Skill

A lot of patience :).

My Motto

Food has the power to change lives.

Essential kitchen tool

I have three essential tools! My 6-inch Calphalon, 8-inch Wüsthof knives, and a mortar and pestle in white marble, which I brought from Pakistan.


Chef Ahmed’s favorite knife

Favorite pantry item

Red lentils and basmati rice. It’s my go-to meal on days when I’m super busy!

Squad Shoutout

Sophia Feliciano. I don’t know her personally, but I love her product—creating tasty first foods for little ones. It really caught my eye! And I’d like to give a shoutout to all the fabulously talented ladies who inspire me each day.