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Molly Wilkinson Will Give You French Pastry Superpowers!


my name

Molly Wilkinson


Some folks call me Molls! But not very many.

MY Home Base

Versailles, France. I'm originally from Dallas, Texas, and even though I've lived in France for the last seven years, I still make tacos just about every week. You can't take the Texas out of this girl!

MY biz

I teach virtual and in-person pastry classes in Versailles. We bake gorgeous creations together, listen to French tunes, and pause to munch on pastries and take in the view. I also just wrote a cookbook, French Pastry Made Simple! It's a collection of more than 60 classic French pastries and is a natural extension of my classes. Each chapter begins with a foundational recipe and then shows you all the desserts you can make with it. For example, by learning pâte à choux, you'll soon be whipping up chouquettes, cream puffs, Saint Honoré, and a croquembouche! 

Cream Puff perfection from French Pastry Made Simple

Cream Puff perfection from French Pastry Made Simple

what I’M known for

My floral, whimsical style. Also, making pastry easy and accessible. I break down what might seem like a difficult technique and make it simple to understand and foolproof! My recipes are made to work with ingredients that are easy to find at your local grocery store and equipment that you probably already have.

Molly’s Lemon Macaron Cake from French Pastry Made Simple

Molly’s Lemon Macaron Cake from French Pastry Made Simple

How I’m Doing

I'm on a little high after my cookbook launch. It’s my first cookbook and I'm really proud of it! Also, things have started opening up here in France and I have to admit there’s such a thrill to be able to just sit on a terrace, have a glass of rosé, and do a little people-watching.

How the Bombesquad can help

Purchase my cookbook from your favorite bookstore! I'm in the first couple of weeks in sales and it's so important that it gets out there. I'm on the edge of my seat and crossing my fingers that it does well.


Secret Skill

Giving you the superpowers to make French pastry! It brings a smile to my face every time I see someone have that "ah-ha" moment or present what they've made with pride. It makes me feel like Superwoman!

MY Motto

Just have fun with it! I think there is a misconception that pastry has to be absolutely perfect. There is a beauty to perfection, but it also can be very intimidating. I feel like I break this mold a bit with a more playful style. Conceptually it is well-executed, but it's a bit more relaxed.

Most loved cookbook

The Fannie Farmer Cookbook by Marion Cunningham. Mine falls open to the pumpkin muffin recipe that my mom would make for my sisters and me every Saturday. I would probably have said Mastering the Art of French Cooking, but I'm such a Julia Child fan that I really want to have a special copy that I find at a used bookstore. I'm still on the lookout, but I'll find it one day! 

the fannie farmer cookbook.jpeg

essential kitchen tool

A flour brush! It's invaluable when cleaning up a floury workspace! There are a lot out there, but I really like the one by Andrée Jardin that is pink and fun.

Brush it off

Brush it off

Favorite pantry item

I love the flour I work with from the local mill here, Moulin de Versailles. The bag is a yellow color with the sun king emblazoned on the front and on the side is printed "C'est Royal!" It's been a family-run business since 1903 and they use grain that comes from the Île-de-France area, making it very local. I also use a lot of edible flowers and love the ones by The Quiet Botanist. They have a great selection and they come in gorgeous containers.

Flour power

Flour power

Stop and eat the flowers

Stop and eat the flowers

Squad Shoutout

Caroline Schiff! She makes incredible pastries and has a cookbook coming out that I can't wait to buy called The Sweet Side of Sourdough!