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Andrea Pons’ Rosca de Naranja

Makes 6-10 Servings

My Titita started baking pies and selling them out of her kitchen window to help support her family. One day, the son of the owner of one of the most famous bakeries in Mexico—Panaderia el Globo—stopped by my Titita’s window asking for a place to stay. He had gotten kicked out of his home, and in return for a roof over his head, he suggested to my Titita that he would teach her everything he knew about commercial baking. My Titita accepted, and that is how she started to grow her business, from pies, to coffee cakes, to eventually a full-blown bakery, La Española. After a year, the boy’s family took him back, and my Titita continued with her business. One of her most popular cakes was this rosca de naranja. She would only make a certain amount each day, and by closing time it was sold out. It was her most popular cake, and I was lucky enough to get the recipe for it before her Alzheimer’s started to worsen. This cake is my Titita’s legacy: it’s all the years of love and labor that she poured into her children and grandchildren. Her story is what inspired me to write this cookbook, and I knew that it would not be complete without being able to share this part of her with you.