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Caroline Schiff’s Lemon Poppy Cream Cheese Babka

I’ve always gravitated toward the combination of lemon and poppy. It’s such a perfect pairing and always visually appealing. When I was experimenting with different babka fillings, my friend Jessica (who styled and produced the photoshoot for this book!) suggested a Danish-like cream cheese filling, which I thought was pure genius. I made a test loaf ASAP and biked it over to her apartment to sample. I knew we had a winner when her three-year-old daughter, Michaela, devoured bite after bite. Thus, this Lemon-Poppy Cream Cheese Babka was born. It’s a bright surprise and the cream cheese gives the layers of dough a rich, satisfying creaminess. As with the other enriched doughs in the book, this one takes time, so plan accordingly

Makes one 9 inch babka