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Reem Assil's Lamb Dumplings In Yogurt Sauce With Mint Oil

While my mother favored expedience in the kitchen, there was one notable exception: when she was in an especially good mood or just wanted to spoil us, she’d set aside the demands of her job and spend an afternoon contentedly rolling out pasta for shish barak, tortellini-shaped meat-filled dumplings. She learned how to make this recipe from her best friend, Khadijah, a dumpling pro, who, like her, worked in the field of genetics.

Bathed in a garlic-yogurt sauce, these dumplings deliver a burst of juicy spiced lamb, enrobed in fresh pasta, and brightened with a drizzle of minty oil. You can scale up and make even more of these to freeze. They’re just as good and easy to dress up with sauce when you feel like a fancy meal. Shish barak are shaped into small rings, like tortellini, except with a delicious lamb filling. We used to call them elephants’ ears because of their shape.
Any or all of the elements of this dish can be made up to several days ahead to be cooked and assembled just before serving.

Makes 4-6 servings