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Scandinavian From Scratch Author Nichole Accettola & Her Cardamom Morning Buns


Nichole Accettola is the chef/owner of Kantine, a Scandinavian-inspired cafe and bakery in San Francisco, and author of the 2023 baking book, Scandinavian from Scratch. She’s long been inspired by Scandinavia, thanks to a summer exchange program in Denmark right after high school. After attending the Culinary Institute of America in New York and working in fine dining, Nichole relocated to Copenhagen, where she continued to fall in love with Danish culture and cuisine.


Nichole talks with host Jessie Sheehan about working with laminated dough (they cover how to “lock in” butter and executing letterfolds), her trick for speedy dough proofing, and what decorticated cardamom is. “Laminated dough gets a bad rap, but with a little patience, you’ll get it,” says Nichole. She and Jessie also discuss the recipe for Cardamom Morning Buns from her book.

Photo by Stine Christiansen

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