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Kerrygold butter and cheeses are made with milk from grass-fed cows that are raised the natural way – free of growth hormones, and nurtured on small, family run Irish dairy farms. Ireland’s mild, temperate climate and abundant rainfall provides natural irrigation for the land and an ideal environment for our grass-fed herds to graze. The all-natural milk our cows produce is what makes our products so flavorful and creamy. We put the same care, quality, and craft into our all-natural cheeses as our beloved, richly flavorful, pure Irish butter.


S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is a premium sparkling mineral water that flows naturally from a thermal spring in San Pellegrino Terme, near Bergamo (Lombardia).
S.Pellegrino® has a unique balance of effervescence and minerality which cleanses the palate and amplifies subtle flavors, making it the perfect complement to fine food and wines. Its clean, refreshing taste has distinguished S.Pellegrino as a preferred sparkling water by leaders of the global culinary community.
In addition to the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy – the global cooking competition, for chefs 30 and under - S.Pellegrino® is a proud supporter of other premier culinary programs such as The James Beard Foundation and The Culinary Institute of America.


Helping people live healthier, better lives through exceptional food. Customers tell us they choose Wegmans for the helpful people in our stores, the delicious meals from our chefs, and the freshest ingredients possible. By offering choice, quality, and value in every aisle, we hope to make your shopping experience a genuine pleasure. Building relationships and helping people are at the core of what we do.


Johnnie Walker is the world’s number one Scotch Whisky brand, and has been responsible for lots of happy hours and convivial moments for more than 200 years. That tradition continues today in Edinburgh, where Dr. Emma Walker, Johnnie Walker’s first female master blender, leads a passionate team of whisky makers.


HexClad’s patented hybrid cookware brings together the performance of stainless steel, the durability of cast iron, and the convenience of nonstick. The result is cookware that performs to Michelin chef standards, with the cleanup convenience you need at home. Now you can unleash your potential in the kitchen without limits.


From harvest to shipment, Veuve Clicquot is inspired by the House’s longstanding motto, “Only one quality, the finest.” This is elegantly embodied in the Veuve Clicquot style, based on four essential elements: the predominance of Pinot Noir in each wine, the generous addition of priceless reserve wines, the superb terroir of Veuve Clicquot’s own vineyards, and the long maturation of the wines (longer than legally required).


Oishii is the world's first and largest indoor vertical strawberry farm growing two varietals of Japanese berries and a varietal of Japanese cherry tomato, The Omakase Berry, The Koyo Berry, and the Rubī Tomato. Oishii's produce is always-in-season, perfectly ripe, and incredibly delicious. Our vertically farmed, non-GMO produce is grown with zero pesticides and is as pure as fruit can be.


Founded in 2014 by Amy Rothstein, Dona is an independently-owned, tea company based in Brooklyn, NY. We equitably source all of our teas, herbs & spices. Our products are balanced, complex, naturally sweet—never compromised by filler ingredients.


Jones Road Beauty, founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown, is a lifetime of knowledge distilled into an innovative beauty brand. The makeup formulations are clean and strategic and support the idea that makeup should enhance who you are, not mask it.


SIMPLi is a leading regenerative food brand on a mission to connect people around the world through the joy of food. Founded in 2020, SIMPLi co-founders Sarela Herrada and Matt Cohen sought to bring the best single-origin ingredients from around the world directly to you in a way that equally benefits people, producers, and the planet. Today, SIMPLi isn't just a company, it's a movement. SIMPLi partners directly with farmers to source the finest ingredients and make them accessible to consumers nationwide in stores, restaurants, and online.


Creator Amy Larson has been designing and selling apparel and kitchen accessories through her Overseasoned brand since 2017! Merchandise with signature slogans like Smash the Garlic and the Patriarchy and I Scream for Reproductive Rights both empower and give back to the community through nonprofit contributions. They are cult favorites in the foodie world and have been worn by celebrity chefs and home cooks.


The Hampton Grocer is a woman owned, small batch granola company. We use organic ingredients and sweeten our granola naturally with honey or organic maple from local farms. We bake with ingredients you can pronounce, and are the nuttiest granola on the market.


At Furtuna Skin, we are botanists, farmers, and skincare experts. Learning from the lands, and advancing in the labs, we create transformative skincare from our proprietary olive oil and the wildly potent botanicals sourced sustainably from our organic estate in Sicily.
We strive to be responsible leaders in clean beauty, dedicated to conserving Sicily's rich biodiversity by protecting the rare and valuable species, and the communities, that call our estate home.


Since 1988, Wölffer Estate Vineyard has been committed to producing premium, distinctive wines, ciders and spirits through our dedication to quality, penchant for style and celebration of place. Summer in a Bottle Côtes de Provence Rosé perfectly blends the lively Provençal grapes including Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, and Vermentino, with the vibrant style of Summer in a Bottle Long Island. Taking the iconic, whimsical packaging one step further, the bottle leaps out in color and sophistication.


Mary & Jane is a functional cannabis company that specializes in microdosed, hemp-derived edibles. The company creates fast-acting melts with 1mg of THC and supportive plant ingredients for targeted effects. Mary & Jane currently has two product offerings: Sunny, a mood-boosting melt with THC and kanna
A THC Dose Discovery Kit, which introduces cannabis to new users and helps them to discover their optimal dose without the fear of taking too much.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters was started in 1999 with the goal of doing things differently, with a vision that’s always been a little left-of-center, and with the focus squarely on quality. We’re a certified B Corp that sources the best coffees in the world and strives to maintain transparent, quality-based relationships with our farmers along the way.


On a mission to disrupt the male-dominated craft beer industry, TALEA founders LeAnn Darland and Tara Hankinson were both avid homebrewers with MBAs who met after leaving their corporate jobs in tech and media to join the beer industry. Together they created TALEA Beer Co., the only exclusively woman-owned and woman-founded production brewery and taproom in NYC. Founded in 2019, TALEA is a culmination of their love for craft beer and their passion to create an approachable, inclusive beer company. TALEA aims to create easy-drinking staples that you can comfortably share with your hard-seltzer and wine-drinking friends or open with the most discerning beer connoisseur. The bright and airy cafe by day and taproom by night boasts beer flights, beer cocktails, coffee, pastries, wine, and light bites. TALEA’s flagship brewery and taproom is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their second taproom opened in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn in June 2022. Two new taprooms will open in West Village and Bryant Park in Manhattan in late 2023.


Maman welcomes sleepy new yorkers, local celebrities, moms-on-the-go, business partners, and friends into one of our many locations. greeted by the scent of culinary splendor that wafts through the space, our guests step into an experience that engages all of the senses: rustic décor at every turn, the aroma and comfort of cuisines inspired by family traditions, and the highest quality ingredients. maman founders benjamin sormonte and elisa marshall have brought to life a melding of our earliest childhood experiences in the kitchen and a nod to their mothers from the south of france and north america. maman, after all, means “mother” in french. what started as an independent soho café and bakery is now a leading lifestyle brand that boasts cafés across north america.


Ghia is a non‑alcoholic apéritif made with the purest ingredients. vibrant, fresh and satisfyingly bitter, it tastes like summer on the rocks.


Crafted by queer women and powered by farmers, Anytime makes organic and regenerative spirits and cocktails that are better for you and for our planet.


Focaccia Flourist specializes in crafting edible art on sourdough focaccia, offering a unique blend of creativity and culinary expertise. Through teaching others how to create these intricate designs, Focaccia Flourist fosters a community of aspiring bakers and food enthusiasts. With vibrant visuals, Focaccia Flourist embodies innovation, inspiration, and the joy of culinary expression.


Frannie's Market is a specialty grocery store for food lovers. We feature unique items for the chef in your life (maybe that's you!) and the perfect host gifts. Our flagship product is our very own coconut kefir! Enjoy it by the spoonful, or as a non-dairy plant based substitute for your favorite recipes!


Herbs & Kettles is a premium Indian tea company founded by Abe & Poorvi who are physicians-tea sommeliers. We directly source are tea from small sustainable farmers across Indian and personally select them for origin, terroir and flavors. Wither every farm to cup sip, you enjoy an authentic India tea experience steeped in wellness and flavor.


Mother and daughter duo who make bright beautiful for people who love food. Lorenza originated from a shared love of Provence Rosé by co-founders Melinda Kearney and Michèle Ouellet. A beautiful glass of wine and all its intricacies was not new for the mother-daughter duo. As a wine and food-obsessed family living in Napa Valley they were in pursuit of the perfect rosé to pair with everything and the summer feelings it evoked.


Inspired by their mom’s cilantro and ginger Afghan chutney recipe, and developed by sisters Yasameen and Sheilla Sajady, Maazah’s healthy, go-with-anything condiments are crafted with simple, fresh ingredients you can dip, spread, or drizzle. The Sajady sisters grew up dousing rice, eggs and basically EVERYTHING in their Mother’s Magic Green Sauce. Meaning flavor in Farsi and used to describe great-tasting food that satisfies your soul, Maazah seeks to reimagine contemporary Middle Eastern food. Maazah's product lineup includes three flavors of sauces: Cilantro Ginger Chutney, Lemon Aioli, and Mango Cardamom Chutney and can be found in the refrigerated section of more than 500 retail doors nationwide.


Based in Denver, Colorado, Ms Margaret Maker creates updated takes on classic caramel confections! Pumpkin Seed Brittle is a lighter, better, version of peanut brittle that also happens to be vegan, and allergen friendly by nature being free from dairy, nuts, gluten, soy, artificial colors and flavors. Pumpkin seed brittle is available in a variety of finishes, even poured over popcorn to create a peanut free mix reminiscent of Cracker Jack! Cannot decide between caramel and chocolate? Try the newest menu item, the Brittle Bits Bar! Toblerone inspired, this chocolate bar consists of a Valrhona 66% Caraibe Chocolate shell, filled with salted caramel gianduja made from Valrhona 36% Caramelia and Salty Pumpkin Seed Brittle Bits. The bottom of the chocolate bar is then knackerlied with Original Pumpkin Seed Brittle Bits for a decadently crunchy chocolate experience.


Old Salt Merchants is a minority woman owned provisions company anchored in Berkeley, CA. We have a passion for food and an enduring love of exploring diverse cuisines. Our mission is to provide products that authentically celebrate cultures from around the world. We hope to ignite and expand your palate with our unique and high quality selection of gourmet salts, sugars teas and spices that are bold & delicious!  
Be Salty. Be Sweet. Be Spicy.


Cookies for everyday "treating!" Pre-portioned frozen cookie dough for bake at home in classic & creative flavors.


Sunday Night crafts luxurious, premium chocolate sauces in small batches with only the finest pure ingredients, winning two prestigious sofi™ Awards from the Specialty Food Association and a NEXTY Finalist Award in its first two years. Sunday Night donates 1 percent of sales to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).


Voyage Foods is recreating your favorite foods to be just as delicious – but way less problematic. Many of the foods we love – think peanut butter, coffee and chocolate – face uncertain futures due to a range of health, environmental and social reasons, and it will soon become harder to safely, economically and responsibly enjoy them. We start by mapping the molecular structures of our favorite flavors. From there, we source sustainable, often upcycled ingredients and use those to recreate the same experience. Between climate change, unfair labor practices, allergen risks, and (of course) skyrocketing costs, the very best foods available right now are usually the most expensive to buy and the hardest to scale.


Wight Tea Co is changing the way people think about tea! We make exciting and delicious premium full leaf tea blends for home and service use.