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TFOFIY Trailer Transcript

 The Future Of Food Is You: Trailer Transcript

Abena Anim-Somuah: You might think that the future of food is growing potatoes on Mars, fancy alternative meat burgers, and 30-second delivery robots. But really, the future of food is all about people. I’m Abena Anim-Somuah and I’m the host of The Future Of Food Is You,  a new show from The Cherry Bombe Podcast network. Each week, I’ll be hanging out with emerging talent in the worlds of food, drink, tech, and media. 

Sarah Teich: We just want communal eating, right? What is food if it’s not community? We all want to see each other, you know, ripping and dipping.

Abena Anim-Somuah: We talk about their dreams, aspirations, and desires to transform the food world as they know it.

Nasim Lahbichi: Create because you’re passionate about what you’re creating, not to be a famous creator.

Abena Anim-Somuah: They also give us some predictions about what’s to come. As for me, I’m all about food and community. You can probably find me at the latest pop-up, standing in line at a book signing, or checking out one of the newest bakeries in town. So if you’re like me and excited to learn about the next wave in food, don’t miss The Future Of Food Is You. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. We drop new episodes each week and you can find transcripts for the show at Catch you on the future flip!