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  • Issue No. 2: Baked
  • Issue No. 2: Baked

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Issue No. 2: Baked



Bakers gonna bake! Especially when Erin McKenna of Erin McKenna's Bakery is in charge. We talk to the mindful master of vegan and gluten-free treats about her life, career, and cupcakes. Also, the one and only Alice Waters lets us into her house. (We still can't believe it!) Apollonia Poilane carries on her father's legacy, Catherine Losing and Iain Graham serve up the most fashionable cakes around, writer Jane Larkworthy looks into her mother's recipe box, Malin Elmlid breaks bread around the world, Katie Baldwin and Amanda Merrow are the new face of farming, and sisters Emily and Melissa Elsen of Four & Twenty Blackbirds fame make some pies. Want more? We've got Lulu Kalman's wedding, Leanne Shapton's drawings, and Kim Gordon's drink of choice.

Cover photo by Jennifer Livingston