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How Illustrator Dingding Hu Spreads Joy & Unites Foodies!

my name

Dingding Hu


Dingding! My name is easy enough, so no one asks for a nickname!

MY Home Base

New York City

MY biz

I am an illustrator and I run my own art studio, Hu is Hungry. I’m on a mission to spread joy and unite foodies! My artwork is a combined reflection of self-discovery, food cravings, people watching, and pop culture. I create commercial projects for brands and make editorial illustrations for publications. I also make food-inspired merch that I sell online.

Jump-in! Dingding’s 'Foodie Girl' in action

Jump-in! Dingding’s “Foodie Girl” in action

what I’M known for

Delightful digital illustration work and hilarious characters. Also, my passion for drawing food, cooking, eating, and recommending restaurants to my friends.


One of Dingding’s Send Noods prints

How I’m Doing

Great! The pandemic strangely enough has allowed me to find more happiness and gratitude in life! But I should probably eat fewer snacks during work hours.

Pins for the win

Pins for the win

How the Bombesquad can help

Follow me on Instagram, share my artwork with your foodie friends, and visit my shop for some extra fun! I also send out a monthly newsletter with freebies, new releases, and other fun things. Last but not least, I’m working on a seek-and-find book for foodies, so feel free to just reach out and chat with me about food!

Dingding’s seek-and-find Chinatown illustration

Dingding’s seek-and-find Chinatown illustration

Secret Skill

I have a really great palate. I dreamed of becoming a food critic as a kid.

MY Motto

Life is meant to be lived joyously.

Most loved cookbook

The first cookbook I got to illustrate, Forking Good. It’s not only a cookbook, but also filled with brilliant writings on philosophy based on the TV show The Good Place. It’s one of a kind!


essential kitchen tool

I am currently in love with my Ninja Food Air Fryer Oven SP101, as well as my Always Pan in Spice from Our Place. I use both of them every week for meal prep, and it’s very hard to separate them, they are sort of married!

Spice up your life. Our Place Always Pan in Spice.

Spice up your life. Our Place Always Pan in Spice.

Favorite pantry item

50 Hertz Green Sichuan Pepper Oil. I’m amazed by everything the founder Yao Zhao is doing with the brand I’ve been putting a little bit in almost every Asian dish I make.

pepper oil.jpeg

Squad Shoutout

Lia from Yumday. Lia is running a business of snacks, which is my dream, and I truly admire her for doing that!