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Anu Duggal Of Female Founders Fund On Raising Money, Women-Led Businesses, And The Wealth Gap

Anu Duggal, the founding partner of Female Founders Fund, is all about helping female-led companies get the funding they need and deserve, despite all the obstacles around raising money. Last month, she hosted the 2024 Female Founders Fund CEO Summit, a day of talks, panel discussions, and networking at the New York Stock Exchange that brought together more than 100 women, including the founders of Food52, Culinary Agents, and Mimi Cheng’s. Anu joins host Kerry Diamond to discuss the origin story of Female Founders Fund, and the work she and her team have done over the past decade. They also talk about the current “funding freeze” businesses are experiencing in their search for capital, and why the wealth gap is as important as the wage gap. Earlier in her career, Anu was drawn to the food world, so she shares her journey from Tabla restaurant in New York to La Varenne culinary school in Burgundy to Bombay, where she opened India’s very first wine bar.

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