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Recipe Developer Arlyn Osborne Puts A Sweet
Twist On Pandesal With Ube & Cheese


Today’s guest is Arlyn Osborne, a freelance food writer, recipe developer, and content creator. She’s about to release her debut book, “Sugarcane: Sweet Recipes from My Half-Filipino Kitchen,” which is filled with gorgeous photography and delicious recipes featuring Filipino flavors with Western techniques. Arlyn’s culinary journey has been fruitful —from working at places such as Food Network and Food & Wine to writing for publications including the Washington Post and Bon Appétit. Arlyn joins host Jessie Sheehan to deep dive into her Ube Cheese Pandesal—her take on the traditional Filipino bakery staple. The duo discuss the best methods for letting yeasted dough rise, how to test if your dough is cooked through, and whether or not to refrigerate your baked goods.

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