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Black Lives Matter Transcript

 black lives matter. black voices matter.

Kerry Diamond: You are listening to Radio Cherry Bombe, the number one female-focused food podcast in the world. My name is Kerry Diamond, and I'm your host. I'm also the founder of Cherry Bombe. You might notice our usual theme music is missing. Well, we don't have a show today because I would rather you take the 45 minutes or so you spend listening to Radio Cherry Bombe each week and discover some new voices. I'll be listening to food podcasts produced and hosted by black women, and I hope you join me.

Some suggestions? There's Afros+Knives hosted by Tiffani Rozier, The Food Truck Scholar hosted by Ariel Smith, the Pro Food Maker podcast by Mercedes Gosby, A Hungry Society by Korsha Wilson, Dinner for one by Sutanya Dacres and many others. Their names are in our show notes and I would love if you could show your support and subscribe to their podcasts.

If you know of other podcasts, please share them on social media and tag Cherry Bombe so we can learn and share as well. If you're looking for other ways to support black women in food, Cherry Bombe has compiled a list of cookbooks, food brands, restaurants, private chefs, and more, and you can find it on The team and I are committed to amplifying black voices and supporting however we can, from making donations, to sharing our platform. Visit Cherry Bombe on Instagram to learn about other specific actions we've taken. At the end of the day, Cherry Bombe is about community. None of us succeed unless we all succeed. I've always believed that, but I know today that I personally need to try harder and that I can do more. Let's be the change, Bombesquad. We can make it happen.