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Team Cherry Bombe celebrated our most recent Sit With Us community dinner series in partnership with OpenTable at Chef Ria Montes’ Estuary at the Conrad Hotel in Washington, D.C. ⁠

The dishes at Estuary combine Chef Ria Montes’ Filipino heritage with modern American flavors. For Sit With Us, Chef Ria created a special menu inspired by the city’s famous cherry blossoms, which were a gift to D.C. from Japan. ⁠

The welcome bites included flowering shrimp with caviar, and shrimp salad on toast. The first course featured a potato pancake with yuzu kosho, miso, kewpie mayo and pickles. The second course included a cabbage-wrapped black cod with red curry and roasted squash. The final savory course was a miso-braised daikon with charred broccolini, and teriyaki sauce. For dessert, there was Estuary’s Japanese cheesecake with cherries and pink tapioca crisps.⁠

Cherry Bombe founder Kerry Diamond welcomed all the guests and interviewed Chef Ria throughout the evening about her culinary journey. ⁠

All guests left with a copy of the new Icons Issue of Cherry Bombe Magazine and a special tote bag.⁠
A portion of the evening’s proceeds benefited District Alliance for Safe Housing, which Chef Ria chose for the work they do with families in need. ⁠
Photos by Birch Thomas

Thank you to our partner