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Gemma Stafford’s Best-Ever Irish Scones

With a lightly sweet crust and densely moist center, my Best-Ever Irish Scones are a tried and true classic. Take it from an Irishwoman and chef!

Photo courtesy of Gemma Stafford


Yield: 12 scones

4⅔ cups (1 pound 8 ounces/680 grams) self-raising flour
¾ cup (6 ounces/170 grams) butter, frozen
½ cup (4 ounces/115 grams) granulated sugar
3 level teaspoons baking powder
1 cup (5 ounces/142 grams) raisins
2 large eggs (beaten)
1¼ cup (10 fluid ounces/300 milliliters) whole milk


In a large mixing bowl, add the self-raising flour.

Using a cheese grater, grate the frozen butter. (Alternatively using a pastry cutter, cut/rub the butter into the flour until fully crumbed and resembles coarse breadcrumbs.

Stir in sugar, baking powder, and raisins.

In a small mixing bowl, whisk eggs and milk until thoroughly combined. Pour the mixture into your flour mix and stir until a soft dough is formed. Add a splash more liquid if needed.

Transfer dough to a floured surface and press to 1-inch thick.

Cut scones out with a round 3-inch cookie cutter. Gather remaining dough in a ball, re-flatten then cut more scones. It will yield 9 to 12.

Place scones onto a baking tray lined with parchment and brush with egg wash.

Bake at 425°F (210°C) for roughly 22 to 26 minutes.

Cool on a wire rack for a few minutes before serving with butter, jam, or fresh cream. Store leftover scones in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 days. Heat in the oven to refresh.

Reprinted by permission by Gemma Stafford of Bigger Bolder Baking

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