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Hetal Vasavada's Gulab Jamun Cake

Makes 1 bundt cake or 6 mini bundt cakes

Gulab jamun is the quintessential Indian dessert. Soft, fried dough balls dipped in a sugary sweet syrup. My Shobana kaki (dad's brother's wife) is the queen of gulab jamun. When I was young, we'd go to her house for dinner parties and she'd make homemade gulab jamun, and I had the hardest time keeping my hands away from them. A lot of people don't know it, but making gulab jamun takes a lot of skill. It's all about technique, and sadly it's a technique that I rarely get right. To make it easier to enjoy my favorite dessert, I turned it into an easy cardamom-spiced Bundt cake soaked in classic saffron sugar syrup!