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Lyndsay Sung’s Buttercream Flower Garden Holy Sheet Cake

Makes one 9x13 inch sheet cake

I made a version of this beautiful buttercream flower–piped “Holy Sheet Cake” for Cherry Bombe’s Jubilee in Seattle back in late 2019 with a vanilla milk–soaked vanilla cake with a raspberry jam layer, topped with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream flowers, drop stars, and leaves, and finished with fresh raspberries. I named it The Holy Sheet Cake at the time, and getting it frosted, piped, sliced, and individually plated for 200+ guests was truly a holy sheet miracle—I felt like I was living my own Top Chef elimination challenge. With the help of some awesome assistants, the cakes were served and I met so many wonderful folks and had the best day. I love this color blast of a cake—it’s an homage to, and a celebration of, all the brilliant, dynamic, and inspiring women in food I have met through Cherry Bombe and their community-building Jubilee conferences.