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Mariana Velásquez's Ensalada De Calamar

Makes 4 Servings

Yuca is one of those starches that has always had my heart. It’s multifaceted and can be prepared in so many ways: boiled and served with a spoonful of suero (crème fraîche); deep-fried in French-fry fashion with a squeeze of lime; grated into Enyucado; or wrapped in a corn husk, served with a slab of costeño cheese—salty farmer cheese—as a bollo (bun).

Grilled Calamari Salad With Beans, Green Mango & Lemony Dressing

This salad can be served as a full meal in warmer months. Prepping the components in advance makes it effortless to toss together, and the dressing tastes even better after it sits for a bit. The key to having the right texture when preparing calamari is to cook them quickly over high heat, which results in a meaty, tender bite with a lovely briny taste.