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Susan Spungen's Rosey Harissa Chicken

Makes 4 servings

There are so many things I want to tell you about this chicken. First of all, an overnight soak in kefir renders the flesh juicy and tender, and the harissa deeply flavors the meat and the sauce—oh, the sauce—that is one of the highlights here. The sliced chicken should be served in the very flavorful sauce that is created by letting everything in the pan start to dry out and caramelize, and then deglazing, again and again, and then enriching with the roasted lemon and soft roasted garlic. Roses are often used in Middle Eastern cooking, and when NY Shuk came out with its Rosey Harissa seasoning, which is a dry version of harissa, it inspired me to take this recipe a step further. Of course you can skip the Rosey Harissa, but then you won’t have such a good excuse (as I did) to sprinkle dried rose petals all over your chicken. There are many excellent brands of harissa available now, and they vary greatly in heat. When you taste the final sauce, you can decide if it needs more harissa stirred in at the very end.