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Haricot Vert Accessories Designer Kelsey Armstrong Talks About Her Wearable Poetry & Paris Inspo

Kelsey Armstrong is the artist behind Haricot Vert, the Brooklyn-based jewelry and accessories line. There’s a good chance the coolest person you know has an Haricot Vert earring or necklace or bag in their collection. Kelsey’s pieces, which she calls wearable poetry, feature whimsical charms in unique combinations. Think tiny radishes, sticks of butter, raspberry tarts, shrimp, and more.

Host Abena Anim-Somuah chats with Kelsey about the story behind Haricot Vert, how her creativity was sparked during her time in Paris, the new Haricot Vert shop in Brooklyn, and how she creates her signature picto-charms. Kelsey’s advice to fellow creatives: Believe in yourself, keep it simple, don’t overthink things, and if it’s not perfect…it’s okay!⁠

Don’t miss Kelsey’s voicemail to her future self.

Photo by Savannah Jones

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