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Figlia Founder Lily Geiger On The Mission Behind Her Zero-Proof Brand

Today’s guest is Lily Geiger, founder of Figlia, a nonalcoholic beverage brand she founded with the mission of changing drinking culture. Having grown up with a parent who battled alcoholism, Lily says she started Figlia “for those who are going zero proof, for whatever reason.” Figlia is more than just a zero-proof drink option. The brand also aspires to help non-drinkers feel empowered to share their experiences. Lily and host Abena Anim-Somuah discuss the story behind Figlia and how the values of community and philanthropy underpin the brand.

Don’t miss Lily’s voicemail to her future self.

*Please note that alcoholism is discussed throughout the episode.

Photo by Pio Mio Studio

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