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Mexico City Restaurateur Lorea Olavarri On The
Power Of Mistakes, Trust & Fair Wages


We have a special episode this week coming to you from Mexico City. Today’s guest is Lorea Olavarri. Lorea is the chef, owner, and partner of three restaurants across CDMX: Nero, a pasta bar, Er Rre, a French-style bistro, and Margot, a daytime rooftop eatery offering classic French dishes. Lorea grew up between Mexico and France in a food-obsessed family. She graduated from fashion school and worked a brief stint as a jewelry designer before developing a passion for making pasta and pivoting to food full time.

Lorea joins host Abena Anim-Somuah to chat about her childhood food memories, the ins-and-outs of opening three restaurants by the age of 27, and her dreams of staging at places like Le Bernardin in New York City. Don’t miss Lorea’s voicemail to her future self!

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