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“The Frosted Hag” Madeline Bach Is
Making Cakes Her Own Way

Today’s guest is Madeline Bach, the founder and cake artist behind Frosted Hag. Madeline’s cakes are colorful, maximalist creations, crowded with whimsical toppings that beckon you to lean in for a closer look. In this episode, host Abena Anim-Somuah and Madeline discuss the inspiration behind her cakes, her time working as a “gallerina” at a Lower East Side art gallery, and the special people and events she’s made cakes for, including Harry Styles’ Madison Square Garden residency and her collaboration with MAC Cosmetics.

Tune in to learn all about Madeline’s frosting philosophy, her artistic idols including Lana del Rey, Pink Pantheress, and Depeche Mode, and why she loves “being on the other side of a celebration” as a cake artist. Don’t miss Madeline’s voicemail to her future self!

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