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Peel Soft Serve Founder Valeria Alvarez On
Making Ugly Fruit Beautiful

Valeria Alvarez is on a mission to make something beautiful out of ugly fruit. After a trip to Indonesia that inspired her to start a smoothie bowl business, Valeria began researching the food system in earnest. She quickly discovered the monstrous amount of bananas that become trash every year and Peel Soft Serve, the banana-based soft-serve shop in Miami Shores, was born. Made of only two ingredients, bananas and coconut milk, the soft serve is a sustainable treat fit for the future. Valeria chats with host Abena Anim-Somuah about her upbringing in Colombia, the ins and outs of running a sustainable food business, and the story behind the original “Peel-mobile,” a retrofitted Italian Piaggio. Don’t miss Valeria’s voicemail to her future self!

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